Why Choose CBI

We are experienced
Lean project delivery
In house development support expertise
Excellent service
We Are Experienced

With our years of experience, over 800 projects in a variety of markets, coupled with integrated modern technologies to improve our services, we remain set apart from our competition.

Lean Project Delivery

Developers and Owners have expressed concern that Architects, Builders, Subcontractors and other team members are often insufficiently coordinated to deliver the finished project. The term "lean" connotes less, but in practice, lean requires enhanced internal controls and governance infrastructure. It embraces team cooperation, equality and the pursuit of shared goals, resulting in:

  1. Mitigating sub-standard performance, timeliness and high cost between the Architect, Builder and Subcontractor.
  2. The team decides how to correct adverse problems based on maximizing value to the Owner and minimizing detrimental impact on other portions of the project.
  3. Basing mutual management decisions between the team on a long-term philosophy to create repeat business with the Owner/Client.
  4. Using only reliable, thoroughly tested team members that serve our processes and people, follow our company's philosophy and understand the work.
  5. Creating more dynamic processes, forms and formats to enhance connectivity between the Owner/Client and all team members.
In house development support expertise

Because of our site development experience, we clearly understand the synergy of development and construction cost as it relates to return on investment and maintaining the basis in your project. As a result, our desire to deliver your project cost effectively and in a timely manner is enhanced significantly. Understanding your needs from all perspectives sets us apart from our competition.

Excellent service

Customers want quality, fast schedules and low costs. Our mission every day is to exceed our customer's expectations in these areas resulting in both repeat and referred opportunities. Our approach to business, integrity and vision is the foundation of our long-term relationships with every customer.


As a client, you will have access to our customer portal which you can use to monitor and track your construction project as progress is made. Daily reports are provided to you and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additionally, we utilize camera mounted drone technology to provide horizontal, vertical and overhead photography to enhance perspective.

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